A Day At The Juice Feast Retreat

Retreat Classes & Entertainment
Holistic Health Activities
Holistic Health & Diet Presentation                  (Question & Answer Time.)
Group Acupunture and Chinese Medicine Talk    with Celina Lions
Body Talk Group Workshop                          with Fiona Mayhil

Movement Classes
Body Activation
Chi Gong
Dance Temple

Peaceful Mind Workshops
Mini Forgiveness Retreat with Julia James            (3.5 hours)
Emotional Wellbeing Talk & Art Therapy

Enjoyment Activities
Natural Skin Care Class                                (product gift included)
Nature Walk
Hot Tub
Swimming Pool


A Day At The Retreat

Participants will have fresh juice made for them all day long from a variety of organic produce. This is will keep them well nourished and satisfied.

They will be drinking 15 to 20 pounds of juiced fruit and vegetables making 3 to 4 litres of juice a day.

Along with this we will have teas put together that specifically designed for their cleansing goals. Liquid super foods will also be served through out the day.
In the morning participants have a daily detox program to do in their own space.
Also we will have prepared a warming and cleansing morning drink.

8 AM: Fresh juice is available and remains available for the rest of the day.

Please note all activities are optional

Prior to first class juice is available and warming cleansing morning drink.
10 A.M. Morning detox exercise class
12:30 After the noon juice is served we will go out for a beautiful nature walk or swim


4 pm Class time! Classes vary from art classes, life coaching classes or making our own natural soaps and products to take home with us.
5 pm Yoga including special poses to help detoxification
6:30 A juice is served while informative lecture is given on juice feasting detox process or nutrition talk.
8pm Positive cinema – a positive and inspirational film is played in common area, juice and teas are served during film.