What is served daily at the JUICE FEAST retreat?
A warming morning drink
Herbal teas specifically designed for the participant
12-20 pounds of juiced fruit and vegetables daily
Green Superfood Complexes
Chlorella (65% protein),
bee pollen granules (extremely high in protein and B vitamins
1-2 Tablespoons of high-Omega-3 content oil.
What makes a juice feast so much better then a juice cleanse or other cleanse?
Cleansing is a hot topic in health circles yet few people actually understand how cleansing really works and what is truly possible. Cleanses like juice fast, the Master Cleanser , and water fasting are too extreme. They lack in nutrients and thus are too challenging for many people to enjoy and heal from. Those cleanses miss the sweet spot of cleansing, healing and vibrancy that juice feasting brilliantly finds.
Juice Feasting involves drinking the 12-20 pounds of juiced fruit and vegetables every day, in addition to using Green Superfood Complexes and Spirulina and Chlorella (65% protein), bee pollen granules, and 1-2 Tablespoons of high-Omega-3 content oils. For most people, no matter what our dietary history before a Juice Feast, this is more nutrition and more bioavailable nutrition, than we may have ever received in our lifetimes outside of our months/years of breastfeeding.
Why Does Juice Feasting Work So Well?
In our culture today there are many preventable and healable health challenges that rob people of their full potential. Common levels of toxicity in todays society effects a persons vital energy and joy, causes inflammation and water retention. Toxins dampan ones mood and energy ranging from not feeling their best to extreme clinical depression and anixety. Many people have come through through our detox programs and been relived of mild depression and anxiety, generally people feel a renewed joy after and during the cleanse. Juice feasting takes preventive measure on future potential illness.
While on a juice feast a person will detox quickly and since they are not using energy digesting food there bodies will take that energy into rapid healing. This works incredible well on a juice feast as the body is at a state of optimum nutrition.
Will I Lose Weight?
Yes! Some participants find up to ten pounds in the first week and often around their mid section.
The weight you are losing has many components. You have uneliminated waste matter in your intestinal tract and colon that will be released – pounds and pounds of it. You will lose extra water weight as well. Fat is also lost and fat stores a great deal of toxicity. You will also shed a lot of dead and dying cells, to be replaced by fresh new vibrant tissues.
You lose weight – which you will in a very healthy way (you will be juicing 12-15 lbs of fresh produce each day!) you are removing matter that would otherwise cause ill health and disease.
How will I feel while I am Juice Feasting?
Many participants report feeling more inspired, energized, focused, and joyful often times while at Juice Feast retreat. While cleansing it is normal to fluctuate and at times energy is lower and more rest is needed to support healing. Juice Feasting at the retreat is ideal because we lay out the daily detox system/classes that support the removal of toxins. Its ideal to have the complicated cleanse system served so participants have the opportunity to relax and rejuvenating at the retreat centre. The environment is very supportive to detoxification and healing and enjoying your cleanse.
Isn’t it Difficult to Stay Just on Juice?
Without the right support and/or life circumstance it can be difficult. At the retreat many people find that the just juice is so wonderful they often don’t want to stop Juice Feasting! The retreat is designed for a enjoyable experience and great Juice Feast! It is there to support and accommodate participants cleansing experience. The rewards on a Juice Feast are exceptional and challenges are greatly minimized in the retreat environment. Participants rarely feel hungry and often feel wonderful if they follow the program that is laid out for them.